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News & Views - November 19, 2006


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Hi Gang

Lots of new stories and chapters for you this week. Joel has posted Chapters 4 and 5 of his new novel set at Britain's Cambridge University entitled Mystery and Mayhem at St. Marks. Not to be outdone, Sequoyah has posted chapters 2 and 3 of his new serialized novel Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels... set on the east coast of North Carolina.

Josh has wrapped up his new short novel Masquerade with Chapter 4 and 5.. the latter of which is an Epilogue. This is a new kind of story for Josh and he has definitely accomplished his goal of "getting out of his box."

And escaping his life of chaos... Jason R has posted a new short story called A Moment of Clarity.

A new drawn from life entry... Coming Out by Gabriel Duncan is a gripping but compelling true story of AwesomeDude Poetry Editor's Gabe's own coming out in Jr. High School. This is a recent story folks as Gabe only recently turned 20.

Graeme's Heart of the Tree ? Chapter 14 has been posted about a great bunch of small-town Australian kids trying to help a gay friend find both himself and happiness. The Garden by Nevius has been updated with Chapter 29... with the story now totally centered in New Orleans. New author Jay B has sent us Chapter 4 of And Dream My Dreams of You, his debut novel, with two more chapters to come. Last but not least, Camy brings us Chapter 4 of his novel Seraph.

And... after reading all these stories... you still have time during the American holiday week to read more... Dude's Picks for November are The Angel by Josiah Jacobus-Parker and All We, Like Sheep a Fable by Codey.

Speaking of Codey... over at Codey's World Chapter 4 of Rick Spencer's story The Chronicles of Kadin has been posted... a story getting lots of favorable comments in both the Codey's World and AwseomeDude Forums. And Codey is now accepting submissions for his Holiday Story Collection 2006... check it all at www.codeysworld.com

And don't forget to let your favorite authors know how much you appreciate them. Write them today or make your comments in the AwesomeDude Forums Readers Rule section.

For those of you celebrating the holiday in the United States this week... Happy Thanksgiving!

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