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A Moment of Clarity, by Jason R.

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A taut, compelling look into the life, and love, of Tobias from AD Author Jason Rimbaud. Don't miss this one!

From A Moment of Clarity:

Steve frowned, the look on his face showing his concern. And when Tobias flashed a weak grin, Steve wrung his hands in frustration. "I?m worried about you. I know you haven?t been feeling well, and I know you?ve woken up screaming the last five nights in a row. Is it drugs?"

Tobias started to tremble, and he wrapped his arms around his lean frame. "Steve, I?"

"I told you when we first got together that I won?t tolerate someone who does drugs. I can?t date an addict. Not again."

"I don?t do drugs," Tobias said, coughing harshly. "You should know me better than that."

"I can only assume," Steve continued, pointing a finger at Tobias. "You haven?t been eating properly, and you?ve lost a lot of weight."

Glancing down at his half-naked form, Tobias could see ribs sticking out and a sunken stomach?like a cadaver that breathes.

"Let me see your arms," Steve demanded, grabbing one of Tobias?s arms roughly.

For a moment Tobias was silent as he allowed his boyfriend to study each of his arms carefully. Then he asked: "Happy? No track marks."

"If I find out you?ve been using, I?ll dump you faster than your parents did when they found out you were gay," Steve said, his frown deepening.

Read A Moment of Clarity by Jason R. http://www.awesomedude.com/jasonr/a_moment_of_clarity.htm


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Since my author page was lost for a few months, I wanted to bump this thread back up in case there were those of you that didn't get to read this story. I know, shameless behavior. But I'd really like those of you that haven't read it yet to give it a try.


Jason R.

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