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A Fondness for Pickles, by TR

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Mothers and sons: those relationships can be tough, tricky and troubled--especially when one factors in a mutual fondness for...pickles.

Join TR for dinner at Sardi's--where marriage is second course and tension is the main dish, but love is definitely the dessert. Give it a read, it's just a short 'set piece', and then let TR know what you think!

Read TR's short tale, A Fondness for Pickles : http://www.awesomedude.com/tragicrabbit/st.../Pickles_TR.htm

From A Fondness for Pickles :

?Mother!? he begged in a rough whisper. He leaned his face down into the wrinkled napkin in his hands, giving up on propriety and appearances. His dinner lay untouched on the bone china plate. He wished for the ability to be teleported that he?d read about in Worlds of if, a science fiction magazine his mother had found, and thrown out, when he was fifteen. ?Trashy,? she?d called it, more offended than if it had been pornography. Frankly, he?d enjoyed the science fiction a lot more than those well-worn copies of Playboy he?d found in his father?s desk. Other worlds, alternate possibilities, lives lived differently from his own: each story asking, what if?

What if?and if only?

Oh, to simply disappear from the table at Sardi?s and reappear?where? Better yet, when? What if he could go back in time, too, and reappear back in his apartment, back before it was so lonely, so empty--

?Are you listening to me, Perry?? His mother?s sharp voice cut into his thoughts like a scythe. He blinked and looked up, at her face; he was too well trained to do otherwise.

?What?? At her expression, he paused, sighed and swallowed, ?I mean, yes, Mother, of course I?m listening. Just not feeling well.?

Read TR's A Fondness for Pickles : http://www.awesomedude.com/tragicrabbit/st.../Pickles_TR.htm


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Another goody from the Rabbit :icon1:

The characters are beautifully drawn, and the dialogue too real for comfort especially if you ever met my Grandmother.

Sardi's (Thanks for the number. I'll make sure to book in advance before arriving) seems like the New York version of Fortnum and Mason's Fountain Restaurant. I'm drooling as I write. :icon13:

And a new word, thank you very much: Susurrus. Which is going straight into my next tale. :icon1:

Thank you TR,


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I did get some interesting emails on this tale. One reader, a woman, said she thought the story (more a scene, really) was set in the past, at least the 1960s, if much earlier...and she's right. I just didn't state it in the story. To me, their situation was one from the past, though it could surely happen now, too, but the images in my mind were mid-20th century. She's a fan of Murder on the Oscar Wilde so maybe that's why she noticed? Or maybe it the Sardi's setting.

And, yes, I plan to finish both Drama Club and Murder on the Oscar Wilde, I've just been seriously overloaded with other stuff lately. I'm not sure but I think Drama Club is the only story I have that's actually set in the present...




TR :unsure:

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