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Unbreakable Faith


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Unbreakable Faith, IMO, is definitely a must read.

The story is very intriguing!

Here is a link to the story: Unbreakable Faith.

Kurt :D

P.S. Please be sure to read the warnings first! Also, don't forget to check out Vlista's other stories as well! :icon6:

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I find Unbreakable Faith engrossing. The warnings are warranted about the violence, but at the same time it is part of the story and not gratuitous.

The psychology is very cleverly worked out .

Also there is a rather well thought out balance between the fanatical religious family and the more acceptable "good" religious one.

Even this atheist can appreciate the difference. But what is going to happen?

I'm hooked. Seems Vista updates every Saturday.

I'm also reading Ronyx new story "Love on Trial" at http://www.themustardjar.com/

I've read all of Ron's stories and they are all worth reading.

"Mark's Revenge" is very entertaining and should be read before "Scott's Story"


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Graeme, If you haven't read Vance's latest, you really should. This one is a VERY tough read for the first few chapters. Horrible, Godawful abuse inflicted on the main character. The last few chapters have been adorable. Give ya that warm fuzzy feeling.


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