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Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark's

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Visit Cambridge College, albeit in fictional form, and meet Joel's usual fantastic cast of likable, loving and sexy boys by reading Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark's! Chapters 1-7 online at Awesome Dude!

READ JOEL'S Mystery and Mayhem at St Mark's

From Chapter 1:

I spoke up at last as he'd exhausted his frequently repeated diatribe.

"I hope you won't be fucking there," I said in measured tones, " I sincerely hope I'm the only one being fucked by you."

"Oh God! You pedantic little prick. You know what I mean." He sighed.

"And my prick is not little as you so often comment favourably on its general dimensions."

I rolled over him and put my arms round him as he shifted towards me.

"Tris, let's get this straight. I do not want to do music as a profession. There's a lot of it around at home and I like it too much.... ...I don't know what I want to do. I am only sweet sixteen..."

"....Seventeen in a fortnight's time...."

"...OK, OK, seventeen in a fortnight's time... ....but you know you want to be a lawyer like your Dad. My family's all music and I'd rather keep it as a hobby ."

"Yeah, so you keep saying, so why not do bloody Maths or fucking Physics? You're doing those for A's as well as manky‚ÄĎarsed Music. Make up your tiny mind, please!"

I nuzzled his ear. "I will make up my mind all in good time and it won't be helped by your foul tongue. A well brought up young man of your standing shouldn't have to resort to peppering his arguments with such unseemly adjectives... Ouch, you fucking bastard!!"

READ JOEL'S Mystery and Mayhem at St Mark's


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  • 8 years later...

This tale and the sequel are vastly entertaining and intricately woven -- there are many names and details to keep track of.

For maximum effect it helps to have read "Aladdin's Awakening" first, although it is not a requirement. AA sets up a number of background items that reappear in MMaSM that makes those items more poignant. But it's a lot of reading to tackle.

I'm glad to see this pair of stories in the "Picks from the Past" box.


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