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Sky's The Limit

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Welcome new AD Author Captain Rick by reading chapters one and two of completed serial Sky's The Limit Book I, Book II to follow exclusively at Awesome Dude. Start the story and let Captain Rick know what you think!


From Sky's The Limit Ch2:

After a few minutes, I got to an area that was fairly deserted, except for one guy throwing a Frisbee to his dog. I got a little closer and could tell it was a guy about my age, and my Gawd was he gorgeous. He was taller than me, maybe 5'10 or 11". He had a dark golden tan, and sun-streaked brown hair that was just long enough to blow in the wind and barely touch the top of his shoulder. He had six pack abs, and a beautiful treasure trail leading into his low-hanging trunks. His face? Well, think Brad Pitt at around sixteen, but somewhat thinner with slightly higher cheekbones and a stronger chin. Gorgeous. I decided to drop my towel, sit, and enjoy the scenery.

I guess I?d sat there about ten minutes while he threw that Frisbee to his German shepherd. The dog would catch it in mid-air and at times he would throw it out in the water and the dog would swim out and fetch it. They both seemed to be having a good time, and at some point, I noticed I had a full on hard on. I thought it best to roll over onto my stomach to hide my embarrassment. As I did so, I looked up just in time to see the frisbee get caught in the wind and was headed right for me. Out of nowhere, I saw this black-grey streak fly over me. The dog had jumped over me, caught the thing in midair and came down about three inches from my head throwing sand in my face.

Mr. hunk comes running over and said ?Man, I am so sorry, that one just got away from me. Are you okay??

?Yeah, he missed me, I just caught a little sand.? I said as I rolled over and sat up before suddenly remembering why I was trying to roll over in the first place. I quickly pulled my knees to my chest to try to hide my still obvious woody.

?That?s good. I was really scared he might have hurt you. I?m Skyler, but my friends just call me Sky? he said holding his left hand out for me. It was then I noticed he was looking at me through the most beautiful steely blue eyes.


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Hi guys and gals, :hiya::hiya:

I'm really excited about my very first ever story being on AwesomeDude! :wav: Chapter 3 was posted today, and yeah, it ends with a cliffhanger, I'll go ahead and warn you, several more cliffhangers will follow in subsequent chapters. :icon1: As TR has already mentioned in another thread, this is only the first book of this series and it is complete (except for editing). Book I of Sky's the Limit is a story about a boy, Jonah, his first love, coming out, (albeit finally somewhat involuntairly and traumatically) and then the tragic aftermath that follows.

The flashforward thing at the beginning of Chapter 1 IS NOT the end of the story, but rather the beginning of Book 2 where the storylines of these 2 characters divide. :icon9: There is ALOT more happening to Jonah in this story after those events transpire to be told first. I know all that sounds complicated, but if I say more, it will be a spoiler. :icon1:

I must admit, that when I started this story, I intended it to be a short little falling in love, coming out, and lives happily ever after sort of thing. It just didn't quite turn out that way, at least not in the classical sense. Besides the fact that Book I alone is twenty seven chapters, The plot twisted to a point that was just not what I started to write, but something I enjoyed so much more than my original idea that I just went with it. I also got a chance to express a few opinions or teach a few lessons [i hope] which I am also enjoying.

I hope y'all enjoy the story, but I have one request. Please post feedback here. Good, bad, criticism, suggestions, whatever -- I just like to know what you guys think. If you would prefer, e-mail me at captainrick46@yahoo.com .


Rick D. (aka CaptainRick)

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