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I-pod's + PDA's


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Well, I like to be able to read online stories whne I am not on the computer. Instead of printing them off, I put them on my iPod. there is a free program called iPodLibrary that lets me do that, and I think it is great, and just wanted to share it with you all.

Here it is, hopefully some others can find it useful! iPodLibrary

Kurt :D

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I used to put the stories on my PDA, but I found that the 3-4 hours of viewing time wasn't enough. Having to then charge the batteries, sometimes at 2 a.m. was very frustrating. What I want was a unit that I can just pop a charge battery into. Does iPod fill the bill on that? Or maybe it is a quick charge of 15 minutes?

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Well, with my iPod, if I turn the background light off, and there is enough room, I can read from it for about 4-6 hours without charging. However, if you are near a plug in, you can have the iPod plugged in and still be reading. Otherwise, if you have the background light on while reading it will last about 2-2.5 hours. You can also change theintensity of the background light, and that will also make the battery life be longer.

All of this is for a 30 gig Video iPod, things may be slightly different with other iPods.


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Sorry to go on about this, but others may also be interested. The PDA I used had a charger 'socket' on the bottom, so that if I was laying in bed reading, and trying to keep the unit going, the charger cord would rest on my chest. Eventually (about 10 months) the plug/socket started to malfunction, presumably from the continual pressure of it resting on my chest, and it became impossible to charge it. Without there being any way of changing the battery, my PDA became useless.

This is a long winded way of asking if the iPod has its charging socket on the bottom, or somewhere that will not cause long term problems. (The PDA could not be repaired, and worse, all the information was lost to me. I am now VERY leery about it all. When it quit it contained all my information, like contacts, finances, etc. from a 4 week vacation.)

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