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News and Views-December 3, 2006

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News & Views December 3rd 2006

Hey, dudes and dudettes, we hope your December has started nicely. I?m writing your N&V this week because we spiked The Dude?s coffee this morning and he?s zonked, out cold. Ah, the potential...

We began the month with World AIDS Day and many will celebrate religious, familial and/or gift-giving holidays before the month is over. We have some new stories, new authors, new ?wimpy? audio buttons and, as always, the awesome music of ADR to help you along when you?re writing or reading.

New Serial Stories and Chapters

One Night in December by new AD Author Terry O?Reilly: Introduction and Year One of this romantic tale that covers the love between two men over the years, each chapter comprising a year in their lives, a night in December.

Prom by new AD Author Cole Parker: Chapter one of the specially edited version of this teen tale by author Cole, whose other work may soon grace our website. Read chapter one, say hi to Cole and let him know what you think!

Sky?s the Limit by new AD Author Captain Rick: Chapter 3 is online! Book I is complete, reedited for AD and released one chapter a week, and he is currently working on Book II, which will be exclusive to AD.

Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark?s by Joel: chapter 8 is online!

Heart of the Tree by Graeme: Part 2, chapter 15 is online!

Dream My Dreams of You by Jay B. ends, alas, with chapter 6!

Just one new Short Story this week, Elegy for a Fairy by TR: a short TR tale which was written for World AIDS Day (Dec 1st) and is now graced with one of the new one-click audio ?wimpy? buttons?click once, download nothing, open nothing, just click and hear the author read his story in his own voice! No hassles, just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the story in the actual author or poet?s voice.


One-Click ?wimpy? audio buttons are available on the following AD short stories:

Exothermic Reaction by TR http://awesomedude.com/tragicrabbit/storie...%20REACTION.htm

A Letter to My Son by Graeme http://graeme.awesomedude.com/short_storie...r_to_my_son.htm

Another Letter to My Son by Graeme http://graeme.awesomedude.com/short_storie...r_to_my_son.htm

Something About Tom by TR http://awesomedude.com/tr/something_about_tom.htm

Sacred Band of Thebes by TR http://www.awesomedude.com/tragicrabbit/st...d_of_thebes.htm

Elegy for a Fairy by TR http://www.awesomedude.com/tragicrabbit/st...For_A_Fairy.htm

A Fondness for Pickles by TR http://www.awesomedude.com/tragicrabbit/st...for_pickles.htm

Contact Story-Editor TR if you?d like to your story to have a wimpy button, and Poetry-Editor Gabriel Duncan if you?d like your poem to feature one. Files must be mp3s and relatively clean to upload as wimpy buttons.


Check out the new poetry corner submission guidelines AND poetry corner Picks!



NOTE: AD Author Tragic Rabbit will be Guest Author this Saturday at Nifty, on the Writer?s Chat with Kip, at 8 PM EST-visit Nifty and log into the Chat to join the discussion!


A reminder of the changes at AwesomeDude Radio: For the time being, we're dropping the hourly newscasts which take up way too much of The Dude?s time for the relatively few listeners we are currently supporting. Building radio listenership is like building readership and it took us nearly three years to build up to the nearly 40-thousand unique readers we get every month at AwesomeDude.com. Our basic raison d'?tre for AwesomeDude Radio is to provide you music to listen and write to and of to support our community at AwesomeDude.com while having some fun. Thanks to all who have provided their favorite tracks for inclusion in our playlists!

If you have broadcasting or speech/drama experience or just a desire to help... contact The Dude at dude@awesomedude.com or TR at story-editor@awesomedue.com. We pay broadcasters at the same rate we pay our authors... which means we all do it for the fun and satisfaction it brings.

Some new stuff at our AwesomeDude Family of Sites:

Codey's World ? www.codeysworld.com

Chronicles of Kadin by Rick S: Chapter 5 new this week!

Down the Rabbit Hole ? a.k.a. www.tragicrabbit.org

Short stories Elegy for a Fairy, Where No Shadow Falls, A Fondness for Pickles & The Sacred Band of Thebes, several stories newly wimpy-ized and TR poems

Sequoyah's Place ? www.sequoyahsplace.com ? Latest chapters of Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels have been posted.

NOTE: AD Author Tragic Rabbit will be Guest Author this Saturday at Nifty, on the Writer?s Chat at 8 PM EST-visit Nifty and log into the Chat to join the discussion!

That's about it for this week. Have a great week of reading!

Shhhh...don't wake The Dude!


TR :icon1:

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