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Dear all,

For more than a year I've lost track of Ardveche, one of my favorite writers. My first story of him was a translation in Duch of New to this state, but afterwards I read a lot more. It seems that his site (www.ardveche.co.uk) has gone, as was ardveche.com before that. He started a new story, Snow Days, but after the first chapter I lost him. Last september I found a new posting of that first chapter on Nifty, but it stayed quiet after that. No reaction on e-mail... nothing.

Does anybody here knows where to find him again?

Thanks in advance,


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Ardveche was (or is) a quirky dude. I sent him some compliments on his story New to the State, but gave him some very minor (or what I thought were minor) critiques:

1) the story is set in a place in California, but he doesn't say where, plus the descriptions bear no resemblance to any place I've ever seen in California

2) all the characters are American, but a few bizarre "Britishisms" got dropped in every so often, including "Father Christmas" (which to me is unforgivable)

and 3) I felt the story could use more conflict.

But other than that, I thought the novel was fairly well-done, certainly above the norm, and I found the characters captivating and the story compelling enough to make me want to read it.

Anyway, the guy just about ripped my head off in his email response. He insisted his grasp of the American idiom was beyond reproach, that plenty of Americans refer to "Father Christmas" (!!!), and basically told me to get stuffed. I gently reminded him that he had specifically requested feedback for the story, and I again emphasized that I enjoyed what he wrote, except for these very minor criticisms. He didn't want to hear it.

I think if all you want to get from readers is compliments, you should say so in your notes at the end of the story. What I sent him was far from a flame, and I had fully expected he would be as receptive to new ideas and opposing points of view as I am; I was wrong. I understand that many writers are more sensitive than most people, particularly about criticism, but at the same time, I've learned far more from my critics than I have from those who praised my work. You can say anything you want to about my writing, and I won't blink an eye; if you're hostile, I'll just shrug and say, "well, that's your opinion -- here's why I think you're wrong." And move on from there. You can't ever take these things personally.

I'm sorry to see Ardveche has vanished, because I thought he showed a lot of potential, but he was a very odd guy. I hope he comes back and continues to write.

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What a blessing it is to be born and raised in the cultural melting pot known as Australia, where we understand that Kriss Kringle, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are all names for the same character. :w00t:

I agree with you Pecman, that taking these things personally is not productive, but sometimes it makes me somewhat despondent that what I thought was ultra clear was in fact quite mystifying for some readers. Learning about this is helpful and does give an author insight which can assist him in assessing the effectiveness of his work.

I suspect most creative people can be subject to being reduced to tears whether by a deliberate flame or an attempt to be helpful.

I also think flamers take advantage of the creative sensitivity in an artist to try make themselves feel superior. I give them no measure; I have long since learned the Net is full of diverse opinions that may or may not come from intelligent lifeforms, but when I receive valid thoughtful feedback I am most interested to learn more, even if it is negative.

In the end though I think the author must survive by being true to himself and if that doesn't please everyone, then so be it.

I think this is in part why I like our Forums at AwesomeDude, where we can discuss these things, and even when we occasionally don't agree, we still respect each other's view.

What's the other part I like about the Forums? Having fun with my friends. :icon_cat:

Oh, and taking a thread off topic. Sorry Oliver... :cat:

Goodness knows why I replied to this posts from 2006

But for some reason they popped up as being recent, which is why I replied. Better late than never. LOL

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Yeah, I was particularly puzzled because I immediately apologized, assured Ardveche that I intended no insult by my comments and told I really enjoyed his writing. He was extraordinarily sensitive and was still very offended, so I let it drop.

Apparently he's disappeared and has not posted new stories in a long time, at least not under this name. I wish him well, and hope he continued writing. (But maybe omitted "Father Christmas" in future stories set in America.)

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