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Matthew Figures it Out

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I wanted to bring this story to the attention of readers looking for well-written stories. It is on Dude's Best of Nifty list and deserves to be read. I'm re-reading it.


This was one of the first stories I read a little over two years ago when I first became interested in stories with gay themes. The love, caring, tenderness along with the drama of personal tragedy jumps out at you. I was amazed that this was the author's first effort.

BTW, I dropped the author a note but didn't get a response. I did the same thing with the author of The Luckiest Summer and still have, like The Pecman, an empty in-box. Guess I'm a poor pen pal.

Jack :icon1:

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Yeah, I agree, it's a decent story. The author (whose pen name is "Ehman Penn") has his own website, http://www.ehmanpenn.com/ , and he does answer email on occasion. However, the website doesn't appear to have had any traffic for about a year.

I'll drop him an email and see if he responds. I think the sad truth is, some writers dabble with novels for awhile, but then move on due to personal issues, commitments, and the realities of life. It's definitely frustrating when you want to commend someone's work, and they aren't around to accept the accolades.

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I read Mathew Figures It Out when Ehman first wrote it and thought it was great.

I have visited his site but not for sometime. Gee time flies.

Ehman seemed keen enough when he put his site together.

He wrote back to me when I emailed him how much I enjoyed the story. He seemed like a great guy.

Wait it is all coming back to me. (Cue eerie music now)

Ehman's site was hit by a virus or taken over by some hacker/intervader.

I remember the site being in an awful mess with the code scrambled, and he was cleaning it up.

He lost some content and looking at it now, perhaps some interest as well (understandably).

I think he really wanted to create a community site.

I hope he is OK.


PS: Have I just invented a new word?

. intervader: someone who invades Internet sites.

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I'm really perplexed at the Internuts (and that's a word I invented) who have so much free time on their hands, they delight in screwing around with other people's websites and causing trouble. I suspect these are guys who are not getting laid enough (if at all).

I can never understand idiots who waste their times tearing stuff down instead of trying to build something up. Too many goddamned wackos in the world.

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