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Er? Really?


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It appears there is a petition started seeking to rename the iconic Aussie ice-cream ‘Golden Gaytime’



Have we really become that precious that we take offence at an ice-cream being named gay? Personally I love the idea and think it a physical manifestation of the Aussie sense of humour. 

My guess is the petitioner is either a shit-stirrer or a first generation immigrant who doesn’t understand Aussie humour (or has no sense of humour at all)

I vote we should be able to have them in  pommieland.  They sound delicious.

For a Scandinavian viewpoint  on the name enjoy this https://satwcomic.com/let-s-have-a-gay-time. The comments are worth looking through as well.


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Please, please can we have a special import of Golden Gaytime to the UK. I will even break my strict doctor ordered diet to indulge in some. 

This name has got to be kept. It is just too gay to ignore. There is a chapter set in Australia in book two of the Johnny series. I am definitely going to write in some mention of Golden Gaytime. 

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