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Giggleworthy Images from the web

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Hmmm... maybe stupidly, I thought to start a thread and post images that made me laugh from the web in it.

I've posted one (above) but when I try to reply to the thread with another image, I get a message saying that the 177kb limit would be exceeded and I can't do it. Even if I try to post a picture that's only 80kb. Am I doing something wrong, or is this something that just isn't possible with this software?

Maybe I need to post a link to a URL, rather than uploading the image from my local hard drive...

The trouble is that I've downloaded the images I wanted to post, and now I can't remember where on the web I found them!

Sorry if I'm blundering around here like a newbie!

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Me too. The cat has a cat flap which she's perfectly capable of using, but she'll sit by the front or back door yowling until I let her out, and then again, sometimes just moments later demanding to be let in. I've even known her to be let in, run straight out of the cat flap and within seconds be sitting by the back door again demanding to be let in - again...

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old-guys-122x93.png  Coming here made me think of the blog I read.

With a wink and smile..

Old people make me smile.  

I gravitate to them. They remind me of simpler times in my life, when my Grandparents were still alive.

I love it when an old man catches my eye in the grocery store and, with a wink, he pauses for a moment to tell me a joke. A joke expertly delivered, I might add.

When that happens … I know that this moment – this one moment – is his one opportunity to tell his joke to someone new.

I  also know it’s quite possible the  wife is sick and tired of hearing the same joke and, very likely, he made up a reason to go to the store.    It’s  a quest – a quest to find someone new … a reason to get up. To go out. To interact.

People just want to be heard, and I actually quite love it when they choose me.


I meet my 80+ year old grandpa the first week of every month for lunch at Burger King, d@mn my meetings and piles on my desk! For 30 minutes the world stops spinning and I get to tell him a story and hear his witty and very wise response. Priceless. Last month I learned he had a purple heart from WWII. Every month I learn something new about this wonderful man. I’m cherish these moments as if they are our last. 

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