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Got Books? Silly question right? If you are like me, I've got them in boxes because I don't have enough shelf space. Between e-books from the net, text books, reference books, professional books and books that we read just for fun, it?s easy for readers to get so many books that you lose track.

Seems like there would be a program to handle that right? Well eLibPro is just the ticket.

eLibPro by Songstech is one of the slickest freeware programs that you will find. Unlike many programs of its type that insist on a one-size-fits-all approach, eLibPro allows you to create hierarchies of categories to customize the program to your own personal library of books.

To add a book, you position the cursor on the appropriate category and press the Insert key. Then you key in the books ISBN number and the program does a quick search and retrieves all of the books vital statistics: author, publisher, and date of publication, Amazon?s review of the book, price and even snapshots of the book cover.

If a book doesn?t have an ISBN number, there is a method for manually entering this data but of the several hundred books that I entered, I only had seven that needed to be manually entered.

Having an inventory of your books is a powerful tool. For students and professionals, it quickly shows what resources you have in hand. It allows you to carefully select new acquisitions, avoid duplication and serves a vital role for insurance purposes should the unthinkable happens. If you want to trim your library by selling or trading a few books, having the information right in front of you is a necessity.

eLibPro by SongsTech SongsTech

Current Version: 1.3

Environment: Windows

Cost: free

Rating: *****

Pros: Does most of the work for you by retreiving book data by ISBN

Easily Configurable to cope with any individual library

Cons: I wish it could serve the same purpose for CDs and DVDs

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