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Truth to be revealed about the Earth

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I am fast coming to the conclusion that all this business about the Earth being round like an orange is a giant con.

I note that even when I stay up late into the wee small morning hours in Australia, hardly any one posts anything until around 7am. This means that you have all been asleep and just log on before going to work or out to collect your social welfare checks or whatever it is that you do that pays for your Internet access connection.

Oh and Of course pays to put pizza on the table along side the keyboard with the coffee machine.

The computer of course is another con full of faults to keep us busy fixing them so we can never achieve anything useful with the computer. All those downloaded updates are really just new faults for us to fix.

So getting back to Earth, if I am awake at 7am and all of you are somewhere else on the same "planet" just going off to work then in fact it is all a big scam to stop us from realising that the Earth is not round like an orange.

It stands to reason that world leaders are aware of this and will soon reveal the truth to us, declaring the world is indeed flat and we must be kept in our homes by law and order so that no body falls off the edge of the world into the abyss.

I am sure Bush, Howard and Blair will do the right thing and tell us all the truth just before Armageddon which surely must be on the horizon.

Hm-mm the horizon is curved so the flat Earth must be a disc shape ...

yeah, that would explain it, sort of like a Pizza. :icon6:

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