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complete expression

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

i dunno, i read in the rhyming dictionary about haikus. yes, that so happens to me most of my calssical training. lol. i totally didn't know what a villanelle was until someone enlightened me.

complete expression

the morning after

marks the beginning of an


obsession; time-stamps ev'ry

passing second sat

waiting for the next time; the

next tryst; trying hard

to seperate my body

from my mind; from the

label ... too homogenous

fighting against what

should be simple; what should be

complete expression

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Hi Gabe,

Nice poem that conveys more every time I read it.

I am mystified about the haiku description though.

According to my understanding the following reference is quite comprehensive:


However I do not want to be appear dogmatic about this as I prefer a very flexible approach to poetic expression. I am just curious about your haiku description.



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