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News and Views-January 7, 2007

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Welcome to AwesomeDude News & Views Jan 7th 2007!

ALL VISITORS AND NEW MEMBERS, please visit the Welcome Forum in AD Forums for detailed instructions on how to get the most from Awesome Dude website and Forums! Registration is not necessary to read in the Forums.

Happy New Year, Dudes and Dudettes, and welcome to your first AD News & Views of 2007!

The New Year has brought a few changes to AwesomeDude; one is that AwesomeDude Radio is shelved, alas, for the nonce, due to lack of interest. We thank all of you who contributed time and music to ADR and hope that, at some point, we can revisit the idea in a different fashion and with more success.

Onward and upward?

New Serial Stories and Chapters

Finally, Josiah Jacobus-Parker?s new novel has arrived! You?ve been teased and tormented but now it?s here, chapter one of The Kept by our own darling JJ-P. A spooky and well-written tale of strangers in the night, The Kept keeps us on the edge of our seats with thrills and chills galore. Don?t miss this new novel by the author of Angel, Josiah Jacobus-Parker!

In case you missed it, or are one of those who wait for novels to be finished before you read them, I strongly urge you to read the now-complete Cole Parker?s Celebrations Across the Calendar! Fantastic and fun adventures of different American boys in differing situations, all these stories will draw you in, keep you there, and then stay snug in your memory. Read Celebrations and let Cole know what you think of his anthology!

New AD Author Nickolas James has updated and revised his novel Bodega Bay and AD now offers it to you at the rate of two chapters per week, so keep checking back for more updates!

Our Winged Wonder Jamie of Icaria brings us Book 2, Chapter 17 of Scrolls of Icaria, the most popular ongoing gay novel around! Don?t miss it and don?t forget to email Jamie to tell him you?re enjoying his work!

Terry O?Reilly?s One Night in December updates to Year Five! Don?t miss this sexy and fun story of friends, and animals, by a great net writer!

Talented Author Joel brings us another chapter of Mystery and Mayhem at St. Marks; chapter 13 is online at AwesomeDude!

AD Author Cole Parker?s Prom updates to chapter 10, be sure to email him if you?re enjoying this story!

Longtime AD Author Sequoyah brings us chapter 9 of the engaging Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels! Don?t miss it and don?t forget to email the author to let him know how much you?re enjoying his efforts!

Captain Rick?s Sky?s the Limit updates to chapter 12 this week! This story will go to once a week updates until his editor can catch up with him, so look again next weekend for more of this great story!

Sweet, shy, sexy and talented AD Author Camy gives us chapter 6 of Seraph! Don?t miss it and don?t forget to email Camy to let him know you?re enjoying it!

New Shorts and Sounds

Two great new short stories this week!

New AD Author Nickolas James brings us A Family?s Sorrow, this tale takes us through the heartache of one boy?s coming out to his family and his struggle to make things right between them. In addition, AD Author Camy brings us a great new short story, Spuke, a magical tale of strange events, passion and secrets that you won?t want to miss!

Don?t forget to email all authors whenever you enjoy their work, they aren?t writing for pay, they?re writing for love, so please send them love as often as you can!

And that?s all the news that?ll fit for this week, Guys and Dolls, so get busy, get reading and don?t forget to post and email in those spare moments.

For those as is curious, no, TR did not get the desired PermaPuppy for Christmas. Apparently, they aren?t actually for sale?yet. Neither TR nor The Dude got any sexy Bel Ami elves in their stockings, either, but at least they didn?t get lumps of coal.

Ah, well, and so it goes. Dude's Rogercat and TR's Master Harry say ?Meow? to all you fans and folks out in Fiction Land.

Happy New Year 2007 from AwesomeDude, your premiere online source of gay prose and poetry!

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