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Dotage by Camy

Does love come with built in obsolescence?

Does it trigger x years down the line?

I know I love you as I stare into your eyes.

But who knows what will happen: if in years to come,

I'm suddenly struck deaf, dumb, and blind.

Will you care for me? as I enter my dotage.

Will you wipe up dribble, and plenty worse to come?

Or will you say “adieu! it was fun while it lasted:

I'll send you a card when I'm back in town,

now I'm afraid I've got to run.”

Perhaps we'll sit in rocking chairs, on the back veranda,

taking in the rays as the sun begins to set:

Spinning yarns of the friends we've lost,

and the children we've never had.

Oggling the nurses - erectile dysfunction sad.

Or perhaps we'll go out in one last blaze of glory!

“Thelma and Louise? Pah! those centenarians knocked them flat!”

We'll stage a coup and run the world, the way it should be run:

End all war, strife and famine; fix the climate,

and be back at the home … just in time for lunch.


I was thinking about built in obsolescence.

It's supposed to be a fact of modern day life, that most things, especially electronics and so called 'white goods' are meant to die after a certain number of years (5?), so we have to buy new ones.

Anyway this popped out. I'm not to sure if I've got the punctuation right, though I know it needs punctuation.

Me hope you likey,

Camy :icon1:


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That's a wonderful poem, Camy. It hits closer to home than you know.

All too often, one partner is left behind, or the other is struck with something very hard to endure, or a person doesn't find that special someone in their life.

We live in a culture that expects a quick fix to all problems, including physical and emotional/mental health, and instant gratification, eternal youth and good looks...and it just isn't so, in life.

It is all the more important to appreciate our loved ones and the good times in life. Friends? Family? Partners? I like the term, "loved ones," these days. Too often, we don't tell our friends we love them. When I say, "the good times," I don't mean massive parties, either, though those can be fun.

May we all have loved ones who care, when we need them, young or old.

Thanks for the great poem, Camy.

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You certainly hit a winner with Dotage.

First class poetry for me.

I am going to show it to my partner just as soon as we find his reading glasses.

Seriously, a beautiful, accurate, compassionate yet entertaining poem filled with the hopes of old age to leave the world a better place.


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Can one honestly say that one likes something if it makes one feel a bit scared, lonely, and insecure? If it makes tears come to one's eyes, but they are not 'happy' tears?

I cannot say that, but I can admit that it is thoroughly thought and emotion provoking, so it's doing what it's meant to do.


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