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frying pan or fire?


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It was a short and sweet and to the point answer.

Er, I mean it was concise and precise.

Um, succinct? ...Off-color pun occurs to me there. (My subconscious really likes to have fun with my uptight side.)


Guys, very honestly, alive and mostly functional but shorter beats the crud out of dead or too sick to enjoy being fully functional, any day of the week.

Also honestly, if you're shorter and it takes a little longer to start, keep going, or finish... hey, have fun taking your time, huh? Straight or gay, consider that an opportunity to enjoy being with your partner and fool around longer.

That saying about size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it or the motion of the ocean that counts, hey, sounds about right to me.

Hey, it might be cute if it's a little shorter! Ya never know, right?


Enjoy whatcha got. Make the most of it. (Alright, so I should take my own advice more often.)

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Despite the preoccupation with many authors' descriptions of their characters' endowments, there really is such a thing as being too big!

Quote Blue:

Straight or gay, consider that an opportunity to enjoy being with your partner and fool around longer.

err...Blue, don't you mean 'fool around shorter?' :unsure:

Blue is right. Life with some functionality would be better than being a largely dead stiff.


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Cancer therapy 'shortens penises'


I had to look it up (I don't do metric) but that's nearly two inches potentially lost!!

I'm trying to imagine a guy wondering why he's getting shorter and shorter...and who he'd tell. Also seems like 'they' should know this already, if it's true.

Trying to imagine medicines with penis-shortening risk warning on them...(and their projected sale revenues)


TR :unsure:

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