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Which Home page do you log into?

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This poll is to determine how you sign onto Awesome Dude.

You are able to do one of two thinks to sign in -- Going to the Stories or Forums home page:

AwesomeDude Story page (listing stories, authors and other story information)


AwesomeDude Forums (discussion of stories and / or other site topics)

JEEZ -- I do hope this is in the correct format!! :lipssealed:

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For stories I log into the AwesomeDude Story Page.

For the forums I log into the AwesomeDude Forums Page.

They are next to each other in my IE7 Favorites.

It makes it easy if sometimes I want to have them both open, then they'll each be on a tab and I can go back and forth with one click.

Colin :icon_geek:

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