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Return of AwesomeDude Radio (Mac Help)

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AD Radio is back, and if you're like me and want it to work on your Mac you've found it cumbersome.

A quick fix I discovered using Firefox v2 and VLC.

When you first click on the ADR icon, you get the FF download dialog box. Select "Open With" choice and tick the "Always use this" option. Select VLC from the window, and you're done. It will begin playing after 60 to 90 seconds (first iteration).

It leaves a desktop icon as well. If you change that icon to have VLC as its owner, you can click and go or just use the VLC save option to save your session as "ADR.m3u" and you can run ADR whenver you want.

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Actually the volume is standard 0Db VU level... controlled by a software version of Optimod which is used in common broadcasting technology. It is designed to keep a high level of modulatiion without 'pumping' and includes a lot of sophistocated circuitry... all designed to make life miserable for mayhem causing racoons.

Seriously folks.. the level here on my Winamp player is standard and compares with levels on other broadcast sites. (shrugs)

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Kuntry muzak is the muzak of the enemy.

Whenever I hear it, it gives me visions of angry skinheaded rednecks in trucks and I chamber a hot round and get ready for war.

You forgot the pitchforks and baseball bats. Angry skinheaded rednecks in trucks always have pitchforks and baseball bats.

Colin :evilgrin:

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One of my definitions of Hell is to be strapped into a van with the stereo playing country music at full volume for eternity.

My other fear is being reincarnated as a country music, bible preaching sinner...I mean singer. :evilgrin:

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So... I should refrain from mentioning that it's about a week until the rodeo starts here. :laughs:

These days, even at the rodeo, you'll see rock, pop, and Tejano acts.

Never mind my country music phase in high school. Hey, maybe the appeal of one friend at the time will moderate that.

OK, so I find cowboys appealing, city or country or real working cowboys. :D

The chaps might be goin' a little far, though. Definitely the chewing tobacco's too far.

Hahah -- I've always been more the city-boy type, but I can't entirely avoid family roots or where I grew up.

Besides, college permantently added "howdy" to my vocabulary, even though I hardly ever said it before then.

One roommate was a confirmed rocker who sounded country-only.

:grins: and then there's ZZ Top.

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