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News and Views-March 4, 2007

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AwesomeDude News & Views

Week of March 4th

ALL VISITORS AND NEW MEMBERS, please visit the Welcome Forum in AD Forums for detailed instructions on how to get the most from AwesomeDude website! Registration is not necessary to read in the Forums.

N&V is Short and Sweet this week, courtesy of TR?s lousy health?but, hey, we have great new chapters for you this week at AwesomeDude!

New Serial Stories and Chapters

Cole Parker?s charming When He Was Five is up to Chapter Five here for you at AwesomeDude!

Pieces of Destiny, the first novel in four years by John Francis aka Pecman, is now updated to Chapter Three! Don?t miss the early action!

Sequoyah?s heartwarming Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels updates to Chapter 14!

Revised Bodega Bay by Nickolas James is up to Chapter 18 at AD!

The exciting action of Mystery and Mayhem at St. Marks by Joel is at Chapter 19 this week!

The gripping action of Sky?s The Limit by Captain Rick is now at Chapter 20!

Jamie?s ever-popular Scrolls of Icaria updates to Book 2 Chapter 19!

The Kept, cool & creepy excitement from Josiah Jacobus-Parker now has Chapter Five online!

Brand new novel Time in a Bottle by Nickolas James starts this week with Chapter One!

Operation Hammerhead, a new novel by James Savik begins with Chapter One!

Site Changes


Newly introduced at AwesomeDude are user-friendly feedback forms at the end of short stories and current chapters of serialized novels (or last chapter, if complete)! These can be filled out easily and quickly after reading any short story or chapter you enjoy!

They are being attached now to current shorts and chapters and The Dude will backdate these through our entire AwesomeDude archive as time allows! If you see these, use them; take a sec to let the author know what you think of his work!

If you?re an author with questions, post in the Web Wiz Forum or contact The Dude at dude@awesomedude.com

Okay, boys and girls, that's all the news that?ll fit. Next update will be for the week of March 11th.



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