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Something About Tom


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Bravo. Not only is it a captivating short story, that had me smiling all the way through (being rather a klutz myself created an instant personal connection), but your voice-over was like icing on the cake. 3 thumbs up!

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The story was great, but what made it even better for me was listening to TR reading it. This is not a slick studio piece with a musak intro, this is a straight read through; and I defy anyone, even a professional voice over artist, to read for nearly twenty minutes in such an entertaining fashion.

Bravo TR :omg:

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Thank you for all the kind comments. That was actually my first short story and written because I'd begun to fear that I had nothing in me, nothing anyone wanted to read, besides Drama Club...a fate worse than death, it then seemed to me. The idea of being a one-note writer had no appeal to me, calling into question my new-found and fledgling skills as author. I still feel there are a million kinds of word manipulation that I haven't yet attempted...or even thought of...but am anxious to attempt.

I've made an effort since then to try my hand at different things, styles and sorts of storytelling. I currently finished my first play and am working on another before going back to revise the first. That second one might show up here in audio version, though probably not text. I have always enjoyed theatre...what a shock! But yes, I recited from plays as a preschooler, they tell me, and am having fun approaching the theatre from a new angle, as a (hopeful) playwright. No word yet on whether my playwriting sucks massively. I also hope to work on some other writing and recording projects this month, including the aforementioned Drama Club. Would anyone be interested in audio clips of Drama Club chapters, or are they too long?

All my audio clips are single readthroughs, mainly because I am a lazy rabbit, though some of the longer ones will, of necessity, probably be done in sections (or have the coughs edited out!). I'm not sure if Camy's comment is entirely complimentary, but my audio files definitely aren't slick. I hope to redo the ones up yet again as I've an even better headset than before. I love reading aloud, though prefer a live audience, and really enjoy making the audio clips...and am very glad to know that people like them!

Something About Tom draws on my experience as a teacher, though those exact things never happened to me. Of course, I have taught and coached drama and might have dated the fellow teacher or three. The description of 'Tom' is based on a pilot of my acquaintance, plopped into the high school setting and basically just rewritten. He is a very nice guy, though, whoever lands him will be a lucky fellow.

In writing that story, Something About Tom, I was trying to do something other than DC and: to write a story without dialogue, in first person present tense, without naming the main character, and with the readers knowing what the narrator didn't (his crush and Tom's reciprocal feeling). I had no idea if it would work but The Dude loved the story, so I wrote some more...


TR :omg:

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The story was great, but what made it even better for me was listening to TR reading it. Bravo TR :icon_geek:

Concur! Finally, after procrastinating a month, I kicked my lazy ass and read the story. What a delight to follow the text with the audio clip. A first for me. It certainly makes to story much more of a personal experience.

Jack :icon_cat:

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