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CONTROL and KAOS by David Buffet

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When I first read this wonderful tale back in 2004 the tv series Get Smart was still current enough in memory to provide a resonant backdrop to the zany antics of two sophomoric gay love puppies in pursuit of two canny senior big dawgs. In “Control and Chaos” David Buffet, himself a school teacher, writes about barely-believable high school rites of passage for hormone–driven gay students, but his depiction of these four is so creative, so well wrought and charming, and so hilarious it led me to reread it several times over.  Everything works:  the dialogue is delicious, the settings are convincing, and the boys themselves are works of art. Thanks, Mike, for bringing this back to our attention.

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had not read this before seeing James worthy recommendation in this thread.

However I fear I have missed out on the Get Smart references - and likely would have done even if the show had aired this side of the pond.

However this gem perfectly describing this outsider’s view of American football encouraged me to read on: 

‘Boys were running alternately at and away from each other in a dance that they suspected was somehow choreographed. One in the middle would grunt rhythmically, then they'd all collide with each other and fall down as a group.’

Least aficionados are horrified, a better description of the game occurs much later in the story.


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