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What's New in Codey's World - 2007-03-31


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Hi Everyone,

NEW this week ( 03/31 ) at Codey's World

The Gay Prank

~ by DesDownUnder

~ Brad and Dale want to come out, though they feel a little foolish, and their parents' slip is showing.

New Brother ~ a complete novel

~ and other short stories by Graeme

We are proud to offer Graeme's award-winning novel about learning to overcome both what we fear and the obstacles in our paths, whether we think of ourselves as unlabelled, straight, gay, bi, unsure, or questioning. Graeme is one of a few writers whose work is consistently high quality and New Brother is a must-read, one of the finest stories on the web.

We are offering all of his short stories to date, as well.

Look for his other novels, Falls Creek Lessons and Heart of the Tree, coming soon to Codey's World.

We will have further stories from him as they become available.

Welcome again, Graeme!


~ We accept story and poem submissions at any time.

Check out the Links page for other sites for stories, poems, and resources for GLBT teens and their allies.

Codey's World

...One boy's dream

webguys@codeysworld.com ~ Email Codey's World

Codey ~ Poet and Author

Blue ~ Editor and Designer

Blue edited: missing/broken link;

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