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Best Online Fiction Ever

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Driver Nine. Anything he's written.

Especially the long-elusive and infamous "Everyday Love"

Most of his stuff has been removed from the 'net but some of it's still around including some of his more famous works which may not necessarily be his best. However, the worst Driver story is still leaps and bounds better than anything else you'll find online.

I am definitely in the D9 fan club.

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No arguments from about Driver being a great author. I don't agree that his worst is better than anything else -- that's a pretty broad statement -- but I agree that it's still better than 99% of the other stuff around.

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Me three.

I can't remember how I stumbled across Driver's work, but I'm pretty sure 'The Quarry' was one of the very first pieces of on-line fiction I ever read. I think I might have been shocked!

'Falling off a Log' appealed hugely, as finding a Major Rock Star living incognito next door - with a recording studio underneath their barn - is a wistfully fond daydream I often have. :icon_rabbit:

Then, of course, there is plan A to D, and the poignantly brilliant 'Sudden Storm'.

Though I have no idea why it happened, I really wish Driver hadn't been run off. He's one very talented man.

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Though I have no idea why it happened, I really wish Driver hadn't been run off. He's one very talented man.

You have no idea how talented. He's an amazing and prolific writer and a damn fine person as well.

He left, quite frankly, because of assholes. He was harassed mercilessly: his online accounts were hacked, he was slandered, he was threatened, and worse. It would be inappropriate for me to go into details here, but what he went through almost made me decide to pack up and go along with him. All this because some people felt his story wasn't going in a direction they approved of. I'm not kidding: that's the real reason.

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WBMS, I don't know how you get Driver Nine, because everything I've read says Driver, but that's okay. I have to agree, that his material is incredibly well written, and you can basically feel like you're living what is written, as opposed to observing from outside. Truly sad that someone could be driven (pardon the near-pun) away by those who obviously cannot appreciate talent. I guess that's how we eventually end up with the lowest common denominator.

It makes one wonder if there isn't some way we could set things up for anyone afeared of their lack of privacy so that people can just post, and nobody could track it back.

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He was known at one point as Driver9 and that's how I knew him.

Thanks, WBMS, for providing a link to his stories that are still available. I just finished "Falling Off a Log" and totally agree with your assessment. I'm going through a little writer's block starting a new story and Driver was a nice diversion. I can't imagine what must of happened to make him withdraw.

Being an older guy, coming of age/coming out stuff usually doesn't interest me. But the way Driver handles the lives of these 14-year olds is quite refreshing.

S P O I L E R alert:

I thought having the protagonist to be an accepting, young man who discovers that he is most comfortable as a hetero added depth and dimension to the story.

Jack :icon_rabbit:

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I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Driver. Although he continues to write, he is quite happy to do so in obscurity and despite my pleas, has no plans to make a come back. Driver is a very nice fellow and is still around if you know where to look.

I love Driver's work. Having grown up in the 70s, I must say that Driver (and Freethinker) do an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere of the time. I think that the stories of Driver and our very own Freethinker are the next best thing to being there. I find myself going back and reading and re-reading both of these authors.

One interesting point about Driver's work: Driver's stories get their highest marks from other authors. While they score well with both readers and writers, I think that writers have what it takes to notice and appreciate Driver's sophisticated characterizations and keen understanding of psychology.

You can find most of Driver's stories at: Stories By Driver

Granted- by pure quality and craft, Driver owns a spot as both a pioneer of online fiction and one of the best ever.

However the best ever is so subjective that I hesitate to use it. There are a number of excellent net authors with enough style, talent and imagination to suit any fancy. Discovering which one is your favorite is a great adventure.


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In response to James, let me say:

I agree entirely. It's so difficult to try to come up with "Best" when looking at something as varied as writing. Even if we were to narrow the field by using modifiers such as best erotic writing, best teen writing, best psychologically-based writing, best whatever, we'd still stumble over whether a writer was best because of one illuminating story, or whether it was a body of work that was being adjudicated, or whether he excelled in the short story or the full-length novel. I just don't think it's possible to call anyone the "best" author.

There are a lot of extremely good writers working, and who have been working. Certainly Driver and Freethinker belong in that category. They have skill and craftsmanship and neither disappoint at all. I can add several others to the list. But by doing so, I'd be leaving others out that I simply didn't think of, and why should I even attempt to go there?

In any event, I read for enjoyment and education, not to judge whether one writer is better than another. Any story I stick with to the end, I will find things in that are great, things I can say, "I wish I could have written that," and others that I think could probably have been done better. That's the nature of the beast.


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Think about some of our favorite authors:

Dom Luka, Comicality, Dewey, Graeme, the Journeyman, Eggman, Vance Lista, the Zot, Chris P Lydon, Jamie of Icaria, Ghostryder, EleCivil, Underthehoodster, Jack Scribe, Cole Parker, Freethinker, John Francis, Rick, a certian Raccoon and Ryan Kieth:

All of them have very different styles. What they don't have is a formula and their works are substanitively unique.

They are also evolving and maturing as writers. They experiment and innovate.

I think that there is quite a lot of talent for storytelling and the craft of writing but the guys that stand out and are writing pure gold aren't afraid to innovate and be creative. They are the ones that you remember.

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