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The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

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Occasionally there are stories that you really wish you'd written yourself. For me, 'The God Eaters' is one. I'm not sure how I found it: a recommendation probably, though who or where I can't remember. Not that it matters.

'The God Eaters' is a future/science/fantasy-fic set in what could loosely be labelled the Wild West. Ashleigh Trine and Kieran Trevarde are rogue 'talents' who meet in jail. Ashleigh is an Empath and Kieran has other more powerful abilities.

Well worth a read. http://chartreuse.studiowhippingboy.com/g_e_index.html

Scroll to the top of the page to read on-line, or you can buy the book from Lulu.

Jesse's comic 'Metanoia' is excellent too. http://metanoia.studiowhippingboy.com/metacontents.html

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Upon your recommendation, I have been reading this story, but I must say that only the first few paragraphs was enough to capture my attention. This is a thoroughly entertaining and 'classy' story. I've no yet finished it, but I just had to share my appreciation with you all.

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The God Eaters is brilliant, but wait! There's more!

Jesse Hajicek has written two more Novels that are stunning.

The Kastor Chronicles Vol 1: The Forge of Dawn, and The Kastor Chronicles Vol 2: The Road Home are so good you have to - if you like anything I recommend - drop what you're doing, take a couple of days off and read them.

All his fiction is here:


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drop what you're doing, take a couple of days off and read them.

Thank you VERY MUCH - I don't think. Do you think I've got time on my hands? Another two days down the pan - when am I going to find time to earn a living, or eat, or sleep? Jesse Hajicek is stealing my life away - aided and abetted by one pesky emu...

I enjoyed The God Eaters so much that I certainly will devour these two others that Camy has brought to our attention, as soon as I can reasonably do so - very likely sooner.


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