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Amazing story (Through Different Eyes)


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I read all but the last chapter or two a few months back on TheMailCrew's site. Gotta reread it now that it's here. Thoroughly impressive story. Good fiction, good science fiction, and good points to make about being gay and accepting yourself.

Thanks for the story, to the author and the crew and the dude. Thanks, guys!

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i recently finished reading Through Different Eyes. I was totally impressed...an intelligent and creative story, masterfully told.

I stumbled on this one tonight, and was really, really impressed, both with the plot and the characters. Hunter did a terrific job with it, and it's reminiscent of the best of Phillip K. Dick's stories of the 1950s and 1960s. Dynamite stuff!

My only quibble -- and it's a very small one -- is that the author takes his sweet time in working in the gay element. Only deep into the story do we find out that our narrator is gay; up until then, we only know he's a 14 year-old computer geek with low self-esteem. But this is a minor point.

It's highly recommended, if only for the fact that it kept me guessing throughout, and made me want to read more. There were more surprises in four chapters than in the last two or three entire novels I've read recently.

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Drake Hunter wrote that story as an exclusive for us, soon after we started our website, so it's not even posted at his own site. We get a lot of compliments on it.

Another story that Drake wrote for us and then later posted on his site is "A Yule Tale", which gets many compliments for its craftsmanship. Even readers who don't celebrate Christmas appreciate the quality of the writing.

Happy New Year!

Aaron, for The Mail Crew

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