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Cole Strikes Again: "An Accidental Romance" by Cole Parker

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I like how this is developing, together with David himself.

Hate the cliff hangers though. 😉


Well done again, Cole. For me, you always find the right pace, not too fast, not too slow. I like the flow, the development.

Ok, I admit, the cliff hangers too. 🙂

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Matthew (Jordan’s dad) seems like a nice guy, and it’s good that he appears to be landing on his feet. Don (David’s dad) also seems like a nice guy.  It’s weird that they have connected because of David’s friend Mike. 

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So could this be Jordan?



Note, by the way, that we had Part 1 with David's POV, then Part 2 with Jordan's dad's POV.  Does that mean Part 3 will be Jordan's POV . . . or something else?



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This chapter's Kleenex moment, from Jeff:

"I have a lot of friends who have older brothers. You’re so much nicer that any of them. I’m so lucky you‘re like you are."

Let's hope the video idea works.



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Continuing my series, we do not get any real information about the appearance of Bax (Brian Baxter) but here is one possibility that occurred to me:




Seems like both David and Jordan have come out of these events with stronger and more self-assured personalities.  And kudos to Jeff for being a loyal defender of his friends.  David could well be right that Jeff will outshine him as he grows up, but there's little question of Jeff's loyalty and affection.

Good show.



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Ha! It's finished - or, in old English, fin-i-shed (utilise your best Chaucerian accent).

This is peachy, as I can now read from start to finish and not get miffed at cliffhangers.

'tis going to be a good week! :wav:

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