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A bleak, and cold, and hungry Paris, in the late Fall of 1945.  The Second World War has been over for months.

Two young American soldiers, recovering from their wounds, dream only of going back home in peace.  Together.  As soon as possible.  Together.

But before their turn comes, they find themselves caught up in espionage, betrayal, and great power conflicts.  They discover, that they don't know what game is being played.  They discover, that they don't entirely know who to trust ...

And in the end, their road home to America takes a detour to one, final, dangerous confrontation, in the very heart of shattered, Allied-occupied Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate.  A sequel to my previous story, China Boat.

Coming soon.  June 2nd.


(Apologies for the book-jacket-style blurb; I really couldn't resist.  It was fun.  But I also wanted to alert potential readers.  There is some violence, in this one.)

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