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News & Views - August 5, 2007


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Hi gang?.

After a hiatus that rivals that of WBMS, dude is back with News and Views. I had planned to wait until the Labor Day weekend to restart this weekly report of stories and people at AwesomeDude but with so many things going on? I thought I?d better start bringing all of you -our readers, authors, editors and staff- up to date.

We are excited about having popular writer David Buffet end his own hiatus with a new story Past Perfect making its debut exclusively at AwesomeDude. The well known author of Alpha Male and CONTROL and KAOS is trying out something totally new? that is using a live audience on a major gay literary website? to ?workshop? his latest novel. It is something I believe has never been done by such a well known author and it is certainly a first for AwesomeDude. Check out the AD Forums thread HERE and add your comments to the thread. Welcome back to AwesomeDude, David.

Long time AwesomeDude authors Josh and WBMS are also offering their new serial novels . Josh takes us back in time ? way back.. for a tale that is both sexy and romantic as only he can weave. Chapter Five of Jeet has been posted this weekend. WBMS insists that his new novel is not a sequel to Alone By Myself. Well what it is? is entertaining and well written. Be sure to check out Not Entirely Alone With Myself . Nickolas James is also on board in the New Novels section with a story he?s had for some time but has recently offered to us and we?re serializing My Jump Off as well.

New Short Stories include a pair from Nickolas James, Somehow Someway and Shining Light the latter having been first seen at the Gay Authors site as was Father?s Day by Graeme. Graeme?s When the Cat?s Away is a cute tale similar in concept to that of the movie Trick? that is a couple of young men who just want a few brief moments alone together but suffer immense frustration. Camy has posted his story Barnaby after holding it back a bit? and we?re glad he did... post it, I mean. :w00t:

Here?s the rundown of Current Serial Novels from the AwesomeDude Home Page.

Not Entirely Alone By Myself by WBMS ? Chapter 3

Jeet by Josh ? Chapter 5

My Jump Off by Nick James ? Chapter 6

Gang Of Five by Douglas ? Chapter 15

Saga of the Elizbethton Tarheels by Sequoyah ? Chapter 25.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Tragic Rabbit for helping out for so long as Story Editor of AwesomeDude but understand his decision to step down and his getting back to the creative process of writing. We also wish him the best in his new digs after his apartment building was sold out from under him and he was forced to move. I think the tale of his moving day would make for a funny, funny short story. Doubt he agrees, however. Thanks again, on behalf of all of us, TR.

More news of our authors and friends and stories are coming to this space next Sunday as we ease back into the weekly presentation of News & Views. And if you?re reading this column at the AD Forums for the first time? we ask you to look around the Forums and read postings from and about members of the exclusive and fun writing community we call AwesomeDude.

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