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By: Jason R.

Though I am fascinated by your mouth

I can live without your false words

When your eyes are open I can see the fear

Your breath comes in gasps as you struggle to exist

There is a lack of understanding behind your gaze

This is the cause and effect of your fading beliefs

The lapses of judgment that evolve into anger

The point of origin is lost in your brutal acceptance

You attack and destroy all attempts of change

While ignoring the reality of your own mistakes

Letting others affect you until hatred consumes

All the while claiming happiness is in the act of sex

Indifference is the only weapon you possess

And happiness is your only inner conflict

Drama is your only ally

And manipulation is your only friend

That smile that you paint on your face

Is nothing but Chameleon colors fabricated for the world

And it is the answer to bury the emotion of your pain

For restless dreams haunt you unless properly medicated

You search for the sky in arms and beds of strangers

Embracing the darkness and the shadows of the moon

Even as you claim exuberance to search for the sun

And yet you are sad and you are always alone

This poem is probably the most honest thing I have ever written.

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