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Courage by Cole Parker

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Now if someone could just write a great aspergers syndrome gay romance story that would be great. The handicap is nothing obvious, you just act mostly like a jerk while inside yourself you know you are acting in the nicest way you know how (it gets better as you age, that's why I'm perfect now. :icon_twisted: )

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Now just where are your stories? :icon_twisted:

OH! A request for a commercial? I can provide one shamelessly. But be forwarned, I am not on Awesomedude which means it isn't that kind of quality. Someday perhaps. But I offer the links like a bad pizza, ya have to eat one now and then to maintain a point of reference.

Current Ongoing Unfinished Stories:

"Roll Call":








Completed Stories:

"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of":

(Warning! Tissue alert. Both kinds, happy and sad.)

http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/rural/the-stuff-that-dreams-are-made-of/ Complete Listing

http://www.iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/ricky/ Partial posted

http://www.screeve.org/fiction/ricky/ricky.shtml Complete Listing

"Blind Sensations":

http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/young-friends/blind-sensations/ Complete Listing

http://www.iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/ricky/ Complete Listing

Thanks for asking. I hope you find some enjoyment there.

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Just ran across this story again in random wanderings. Really nice development of the two sides of the coins, so to speak. Actually I was quite impressed with Sam's perceptiveness in figuring out what was going on with Tope so rapidly. I assume in all his reading he must have encountered something about this, or maybe there was someone he knew in the past that had the problem, or -- who knows?

I was also a bit curious to know if Tope had had the same speech issues all his life, or if maybe something had happened to trigger the problem.

All in all, an uplifting story that really made my morning.


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