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NBC to launch new show - "To Catch A Senator"

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Oh, for news of a gay or lesbian politician in a committed partnership. Then again, news of a straight politician in a committed marriage would be refreshing too.

I know that commitment isn't that rare.


* Own up to what you do, even when you do wrong or make a mistake.

* Isn't it nicer to seek a relationship than a quickie?

* If you're an elected official, getting your hand caught in the cookie jar (or elsewhere) is not a good idea.

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This schmuck senator just resigned a few hours ago:


I would have a teeny bit of sympathy for him, except for his hostile past record in voting against numerous gay initiatives. I pity the guy, but there's an old saying about how karma catches up with you eventually...

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I forgot to add these specific items on some of what ex-Senator Craig did in the past:

* Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)

* Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.

(Jun 2002)

* Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

(Jun 2000)

* Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)

* Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation.

(Sep 1996)

Me personally, I hope he roasts in hell.

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Me personally, I hope he roasts in hell.

I'm for that. There is something really nauseating about a closet case that sells out his own.

When France fell to the Allies in 1944, Collaborators with the Nazis had it rough.



This is EXACTLY what Haggard and Craig did and they should be treated with the same disgust.

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