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Some Grammar Limericks

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I have posted some on the spot, off the cuff, limericks in response to a discussion on grammar in the editor's Desk forum topic, May Vs Might

I may as well post them here too, for prosperity. See the above link to get the inspirition, if you can call it that, for the following.

Sorry (in advance) I can't resist

There was a young man who would,

If ever a young man can, he could,

He said he might,

If conditions were right

But may not, even if he should.

There was a young dude called Will

Who mind wasn't very still,

He wondered if he should, could or would

And when he shall, or might, if he can, get wood

To satisfy the brother of a girl called Lill.

Pick the odd couple:






There was young man called Ray,

Who may have wanted to have his way,

With anyone he could

If only they would,

So he might prove he is gay.

Will would,

If he could,


If it was not right

Never if he should.

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