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After Hours


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After Hours by AJ

So, for your next night out on the town, you might find the night life really sticks with you. Or maybe there's a reason you're out at night, or working the night shift.

This might explain a few neighbors or roommates, and definitely a co-worker or two.

Just think of all the words this could redefine.

I really liked the fantasy and mythology here. Somehow the idea of gay elves and vampires and other beings living and working right nearby is really appealing.

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I agree !!!

I've read this story before, as well as I think two more with the same characters. (Or may be one story of which this is the first chapter)

But, I cannot recall where I read them. So I am very glad Dude is hosting it and hope to see more soon ! Kudos to AJ for a creative story line! There aren't very many gay vampire heroes around !

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Thanks for your kind words, guys. I have another story in this universe that i'm hoping to post to the site soon, and i've currently got a third in the works. So keep an eye open for further installments, the next one of which is called An Unusual Problem.



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Great story! I especially enjoyed the way you went from the harsh reality of being gay in an apparently rough part of town, to bringing in the simple, yet evocative, fantasy elements. I am reminded of one of my favorite Comicality stories: Gone From Daylight.

I was confused by one paragraph, and was wondering, considering the way the story ended up going, if it was intentional or not, since the character of Randy seemed to transform from male to female during the course of one paragraph. Or perhaps I simply misinterpreted who or what was being discussed.

?Hey, did you hear about Randy?? I overheard a tall blonde ask as his buddy and I watched John make the shot. ?Yeah, just last night. He was coming out of Hombres and he had to piss. They caught him in the alley with his pants down. Broke his jaw in two places-fate worse than death for a blow-queen like her. Can you imagine her with her jaw wired for two months? Might as well join a convent.?

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Naw...Randy's gender didn't change. It was old school camp on the part of the blond. you hear that sort of thing a lot in the bars, mostly from the older guys. I had hoped that having the blond call Randy a "blow-queen" would be a signal that things were about to get a little campy...

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