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News & Views - September 16, 2007


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Hi Gang?

Another busy week at AwesomeDude? so let?s get right to the new stories and chapters.

This week we welcome a new serial novel by the only AD author who lives in the same time zone as your dude? that is Rad Steven who brings us Chapter One of Fixing A Broken Heart. If you liked Rad?s two short stories? you?re sure to enjoy his first novel.

Codey and Graeme collaborated on our new short story for this week? The Best of Friends. This story combines the efforts of two skilful writers and the result is greater than the sum of it?s parts. Give it a read!

Updated serial novels, now?

Jeet by Josh ? Chapter 11 is posted? another excellent er? stimulating chapter. This story has everything? hermaphrodites, eunuchs and hunky athletes. Don?t miss it.

Desert Fantasies by Jack Scribe moves along with Chapter 2? life and love in Sin City!

Staking My Claim by Nickolas James moves on to Chapter 7. I hope Nick himself is not like his character Andrew? who seems a little short of respect for his family.

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens by Ruwen Rouhs ? Chapter 5.1 has been posted. German author Ruwen weaves this interesting tale of love in the dark ages.

Sky?s The Limit by Captain Rick ? Chapter 10 of Book II focuses on Jonah again? and his slow return to health if not happiness. Sky doesn?t appear in this chapter? sigh.

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah ? In chapter 29, our high school heroes face harassment as news of their relationship elicits threats against them and their friends on campus.

Some site info?

Best Of Nifty ? part of AwesomeDude Enterprises ? a non-profit organization (not by intent!) has at long last been renovated in appearance and content. My thanks to vwl and glip for their fine efforts in getting it organized. We?ll hopefully be having monthly updates and while we?re not dropping our standards for stories in the least? we DO welcome your input in pointing us to stories you like at Nifty.org for possible inclusion on the list. Go check out the new look and content at www.best-of-nifty.org. Make your comments and suggestions at the Best of Nifty Forums which are part of the AwesomeDude Forums and can be found at the bottom of the AD Forums page. More on this as the days and weeks move along. Pass the word? Best of Nifty is available at www.best-of-nifty.org and participate in our official BoN forum.

You are welcome to joint our AwesomeDude Forums web community. If you?re not a member, go register online now. And don?t forget to email dude@awesomedude.com to let me know you?re a human ? not a bot with a pocket full of spam messages.

Be sure to check our authors? and members? Blogs for some entertaining and informative reading.

And avail yourselves of the free and easy-to-use Feedback Form at the end of the current serial chapter or new short story. It?s never been easier to comment on any of the AD stories listed on the home page.

AwesomeDude Radio continues to attract more listeners. Be one of them? 60 listener slots, no waiting!

And don?t forget to check out the other AwesomeDude Family of sites? Down The Rabbithole? Sequoyah?s Place? Lonely Ocean and Codey?s World. Links to all of them and more on the AwesomeDude Home Page.

Until next time? have a great week of reading!

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