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News & Views - September 23, 2007


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Hi Gang,

Wow? we?re well into the season? full force with one new serial novel appearing and seven chapter updates this week. We hope to have at least one new serial novel, sometimes two for you every week for the next couple months. Lots of good stories in the pipeline

Here?s the rundown for this week:

What?s The Difference Between Me and You Book II by Nickolas James ? ? We have just posted chapter one of Book II for your enjoyment. If you didn?t finish or have even yet to start Book I, it?s there too when you open up the story page. Book 1 represents Nick?s first novel and its sequel Book II is in current serialization. For Staking My Claim fans? it will return to weekly postings on Wednesdays as soon as we get a couple of technical glitches ironed out. And this prolific young writer has still another story waiting in the wings? makes one wonder when he has time for studying!

Laika ? by EleCivl Chapter 15 slipped into the lineup mid week in an effort to stir up the natives. An ominous feeling seems to be building as our hero?s punk rock friends and the ?son of a preacherman? finally come together in the same chapter. This story just keeps getting better.

The Kept ? by Josiah Jacobus-Parker - Chapter 14 has been posted. This dark but fascinating story about the undead but not unloved is well worth the wait since the last chapter?s posting.

Fixing A Broken Heart by Rad Steven ? Chapter 2 has been posted. I am enjoying this charming story of a young gay teen and his first heartbreak set in the modern Philippines? which is indeed where Rad lives, writes and goes to school. And I envy hero Zack?s his loving Kuya!

Jeet ? by Josh ? Chapter 12 is up and its author seems to be able to top himself each chapter with one better, more erotic and more romantic than the last. This one is no exception.

Desert Fantasies ? by Jack Scribe ? Chapter 3 is posted and this story is beginning to develop a life of it?s own even though it?s a sequel to It Stays In Vegas. Jack is a consistent writer who is fully able to maintain his fan base and never disappoint them.

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah has gone to 30 chapters now and Marcus?s mom is due back in town to send her son off to the Senior Prom with his date. Does she know it?s Justin?

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens ? by Ruwen Rouhs ? Chapter 5.2 the second half of the chapter completes this week. This story from Germany is growing in popularity, week by week. If you?ve been putting off starting this story, wondering if it will be finished? you needn?t worry. Ruwen has this one planned out right to the end and despite it?s excellent editing into English.. I haven?t been able to find out which of our AwesomeDude family is actually doing it!

Our AwesomeDude Editorial Board has been hard at work and we have some exciting new stories coming your way very soon? from some new authors to AD. I?m also happy to let you know? our own AJ has several chapters of his new novel ready.. and we?ll start serializing it very soon as well. You might want to go back to AJ?s Author Page and read the two short stories there to give you a feeling for what you might expect from the new one.

A couple of notes:

1. Anyone interested in submitting a story for AwesomeDude? please go to the Story Submissions link on the AwesomeDude Home Page. The FAQ?s are there along with a link for submitting your story. Upon receipt, your story will be sent to the Editorial Board for reading and comments. Many of the stories we read are really good? but sometimes we recommend an author collaborate with an editor before we accept a serial story. Many authors, who have posted elsewhere including Nifty.org have submitted revised stories to us. One thing you should note? the Editorial Board is an advisory panel. Much of the time, I?ll be going with the board?s recommendations, but I still make the final decision. As it is my site.. and as I am responsible for all that appears here, I believe that?s only logical.

2. We are using a combination of automatic/manual processing for new members to the AwesomeDude Forums ? and this now includes the Best of Nifty Forum which until this past week allowed guests to post. We?ve had to drop this privilege as we started to get spam there and you know how we feel about spam. So by all means sign up and become a member. To make sure you get your registration approved we ask you to confirm by email to validate@awesomedude.com that you are indeed a human and not a spam bot. Make sure to let us know the username and email address you used when you signed up. Then it?s just a quick manual confirmation on my part that makes you part of the AwesomeDude community.

3. In addition to reading some of the best gay fiction on the web, we hope you?ll make use of the AwesomeDude Forums, Blogs and AwesomeDude Radio.

4. A wide range of stories, poetry and a busy message board are available at our AwesomeDude family site www.codeysworld.com. Talented young author and poet Codey will welcome your visit and be sure to tell him we sent you!

There we go folks. This one is a bit long.. but we had lots of stories, chapters and news for you. Have a great week of reading and don?t forget to let your favorite authors know how much you appreciate their writing.

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