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News & Views - September 30, 2007


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Hi Gang,

Well we've got a record number of new stories/chapters for you this week. But before I do another thing... let me send my deepest apologies to Graeme for not mentioning his great chapter 28 of Heart of The Tree last week. It was truly one the most interesting ones to me and how I could have omitted it is inexplainable. If for some reason you have NOT yet read it... please do so!

Long time writer, editor and friend AJ has favored us with a new novel that has me hooked after one chapter. Set in his hometown, Seattle, this story promises to expand on the feynomenom generated by his short stories of a few years back... After Hours and Cultural Differences. He'll be posting a new chapter fortnightly (that's every two weeks for lower-48 Americans). Check out Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy by AJ.

Also on tap today is a new short story by Codey... which is coincidentally, like AJ's story, feynomenal! After a few paragraphs of Finding Home by Codey I was thinking of that great River Phoenix movie Running on Empty. This is a great story and Codey tells me it is part of something that will eventually be much bigger. We are linking this story from www.codeysworld.com so while you're over there... be sure to take a look around. The site is looking really good these days... and while a number of authors are co-hosted by AwesomeDude and CodeysWorld... he has a quite number of exclusive authors as well.

Another story you'll see over at Codey's World you can find right here too. Talented Philippine college student author Rad Steven has contributed The Ride Home to Codey's Back to School collection. Rad has contributed two short stories to AwesomeDude in the past, Option To Live and A Surprise Blind Date. Rad has a talent for crafting romantic stories and this one is no exception. Check it out!

Our lineup of serial novels is long today.. so here it is:

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy - AJ - Chapter 1

Not Entirely Alone With Myself - WBMS Chapter 5

Jeet - Josh - Chapter 13

Seraph - Camy - Chapter 12

Desert Fantasies - Jack Scribe - Chapter 4

Fixing A Broken Heart - Rad Steven - Chapter 3

Sky's The Limit - Captain Rick - Book II Chap 11

What's The Difference Between Me And You? II - Nick James - Ch 2

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens - Ruwen Rouhs - Chapter 6.1

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels - Sequoyah Chapter 31

Some more good news... beginning in October we'll be adding new authors/stories to AwesomeDude.com at the rate of one or two a week. Watch for them!

We're not doing anything special for Hallowe'en this year... as it's kind of like that year round here at AwesomeDude. If you have a story for the holiday in mind, however, we'd sure like to see it.

We're three and a half years old now and still growing.

Our Editorial Board is super helpful in screening stories for AwesomeDude and my thanks go out to all of them. I still also hold out hope that our erstwhile Story Editor, Tragic Rabbit will soon be back with us again. I am sure we all want to wish him a speedy return to good health. He tells me his is happy in his new roomy, sunny and airy apartment and that his cats are all very happy too. If we can get TR back, we hope not to overburden him as we did in the past and certainly allow him time to pursue his creative pursuits... maybe even finish Drama Club!

AwesomeDude Radio chugs along and our Blogs are getting a lot of traffic, as well. Be sure to check all the features of AwesomeDude and if you haven't signed up for the forums... please do. You can post after joining through a simple two step process 1. register through the automated system. and 2. email validate@awesomedude.com to make sure you get approved. This way we eliminate spam bots!

If you are a Nifty.org devotee and have a hard time choosing stories over there.... drop by our www.best-of-nifty.org site. It's been renovated and is being updated monthly.

That's about it for this last day of September. Have a great week of reading!

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