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GSA Ally Week


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This year Ally Week is October 14-20, 2007!

Who can help us the most to end anti-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) bullying and harassment in your school? ALLIES!

An "ally" is anyone who supports ending anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) bullying, harassment and name-calling in K-12 schools. The term traditionally refers to straight allies. While straight allies are an integral part of GLSEN?s Ally Week, the term "ally" is more inclusive within the safer schools movement. For example, a bisexual adult can be an ally to students, and a lesbian student can be an ally to a transgender student.

GLSEN is proud to be encouraging students to end anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in K-12 schools with the 3rd Annual Ally Week! What better way to kick-off the school year than to have individuals and student clubs commonly known as gay-straight alliances (GSAs) identify and support allies in your school? Ally Week can be simple, passing out stickers to allies who sign the pledge, or more advanced with an event or series of events planned throughout the week.

Remember, Ally Week is about identifying and supporting allies in your school and asking them to sign the Ally Pledge to intervene in bullying and harassment throughout the school year. Your Ally Week activities will be most successful if they help support allies to know how to intervene but also make them feel good and proud to be allies!

Check out some of the possible Ally Activities you could organize in your school!

? Tabling in school cafeteria

? Student and/or Teacher Training

? Lunchtime ZAPs

? Ask allies to attend GSA meeting

? Ally Bagel Breakfast or Ally Lunch/Pizza Party

? Bulletin boards

? After-school activities like LGBT jeopardy or LGBT bingo

? Bring the local LGBT center, theatre group or other speaker to school

VISIT the new GLSEN store at www.glsenstore.org!

Check out other Ally Week supporters:

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has produced a new series of PSAs called ?Be an Ally & a Friend.? The spots feature 22 celebrities from your favorite shows like ?Ugly Betty? and ?Grey?s Anatomy.? The new PSAs can be viewed at www.glaad.org/ally, or embedded from LiveVideo here: http://www.livevideo.com/GLAAD. For more information, or to broadcast these videos at your school during Ally Week, please send an email to entertainment@glaad.org.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation has created a new youth-focused website called Matthew's Place. It links to GLSEN's GSA information, research reports and showcases the new Jump-Start Guides. Just look for the link that says "GSA Info."


TELL ALLIES about the Safe Schools Improvement Act (H.R. 3132) - Ask them to support this federal legislation. Download an info sheet to hand out during Ally Week: CLICK HERE.

You can also take action online at GLSEN's page at the Youth Policy Action Center, CLICK HERE

Colin :hehe:

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