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Hero by Perry Moore

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I am not in the habit of posting something here and at CodeysWorld but I'm going to recommend this book in both places because it happens to be a book that will appeal to this community.


Hero is a novel aimed at the young adult audience. I am not young and I certainly don't act like an adult BUT I loved this book because it was very real to me. Certainly not the situation -- it's about superheroes after all -- but the characters. Thom has many conflicting emotions which many of you have felt or currently are feeling.

It's a mainstream novel, got reviewed in Time magazine of all places -- which is how I came to hear of it -- then while browsing books during the weekend after I watched my beloved Golden Bears lose -- I saw it in the bookstore, and on a whim, bought it.

Read it front to back in one sitting. About 428 pages and took me around 3 hours and change with a brief stop to eat food.

The main character is Gay (hence the reason I am mentioning it) but it's beside the point for most of the novel yet is, at the same time, the reason there is conflict.

I really think you'll all love it.

(And I still highly recommend the awesome Eight Grade Bites by Heather Brown which is not a gay book at all but really, really, really, good. http://www.heatherbrewer.com/books.html )

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