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AwesomeDude Radio has been experiencing difficulties with our hosting provider, a UK-based company with an excellent service record.

They recently for some reason -probably cheap Bush dollars- moved their shoutcast streaming operations to Houston. Big mistake, now almost all their customers -including AwesomeDude Radio- are experiencing connectivity problems resulting in severe buffering of the signal. Since the people in Houston are apparently not able to solve the problem in a a timely manner, the folks in London are pulling what's left of their hair out.

If the problem perserveres past midnight Eastern time on Tuesday, I'll switch to direct streaming from my AD Radio machine here in Borneo. In any case... there should be no change in how you connect to AD Radio.. just use the button on the AwesomeDude Home Page... or AD Forums or any shortcut you may have on your desktop pointing to the 'usual place' http://stream.awesomedude.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience... it is a pain for me too!

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Most of Houston was on Time-Warner for broadband, or DSL through the phone company, or satellite dish.

However, over two months ago now, ComCast took over from Time-Warner for cable broadband.

When that happened, the two companies somehow mysteriously lost track of some things. Naturally, it's the other guy's fault.

I'm not happy, but I'm at the mercy of a monopoly of service. I have one trouble ticket still unsolved, on something that should be simple, and it is definitely their problem. I have two other issues that supposedly aren' their fault. One may be or may be local. The other, may be their service or may be software.

IMHO, Time-Warner was not great, but Comcast, although it mostly works, and the phone staff are nice... ComCast is not handling things well, from my view.

Dude, I suspect your issues are either with a local company or as a result of ComCast's wackiness. (Wankiness? Nah, if it were wankiness, we'd all be enjoying it more and so would they....)

Ahem. My apologies in advance to any ComCast staffers. The people are nice. The policies, how they're getting work done (or not) seem really bad, from my POV.

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The problems in Houston apparently don't have any connection with ComCast which is for consumers. These are major servers... a totally different kind of company... serving commercial as opposed to home clients.

That said... the poor folks in London keep emailing customers every couple hours... praying for their indulgence...

As the prospects are not good for a total recovery in the next several hours... I have switched the AD Radio connect directly to my local machine so listeners will get no interruptions. If you see the 'AwesomeDude Radio Direct' in your Winamp window... you'll know you're connected to Borneo!

Overheard in the past few hours:

"Houston.... we HAVE a problem! Hello Houston? Houston?"

Just carry on as normal as we work through this... all your normal links to AD Radio will continue to work... you'll just be getting us direct unstead of through Houston.

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:hiya::sneaky:My wankiness? Hahaha! Er, thanks, I think! Hahaha!


Dude, my understanding is that not only private home service, but commercial usage is affected. One of the other major commercial service providers changed hands too.

Net result: A lot of changes to service levels.

I haven't been following it as closely as I should.


Anyway, I hope AwesomeDude and other customers of the service you're using will be fine soon.

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Thanks ... actually I'm not TOO inconvenienced as I thought out the current configuration based on all contingencies... a line of input at our web host's repoints AD Radio any place it needs to be! It only took me a year to figure it out!

And except for the buffering problems some of our listeners noticed before I switched over... most people weren't affected.

To those who found one of Camy's songs buffering yesterday or the day before as it played on AD Radio ... well they can always go to link on the front page or on Camy's author's page to listen them on demand. Poor emu hasn't gotten a moment's rest since we did that... since when somebody clicks the link, he has to drop whatever (or whomever) he's doing and start singing. :hiya:

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LOL..."Of course Dumbledore is gone...you can't expect him to stay in your picture all the time, now can you?" or words to that effect. It's heartening to know that Camy is so dedicated to his listeners. However (I almost spelled that as 'hoever' which might be somewhat appropriate at this juncture), I think that with a little effort Camy could learn to multi-task and be doing someone while singing...it's all about breath control, y'know.



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