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"Sense of Doubt" by William King

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Current book here:  http://www.awesomedude.com/william-king/sense-of-doubt/index.htm

First two books here and here.  Those definitely need to be read first in sequence.

This third installment deals with some, but not all, of the open questions left in the second installment, "Time May Change Me."  It's not clear whether we will see a fourth book or not.  As William King himself wrote here

[D]espite what it says on another site where this third book is currently being published, it is not the "final volume." It is, however, a good place to leave things (for now) and an answer to some, if not all, of the questions left at the end of book two.

In a perfect world, I would be able to pick up the story (God knows with this health crisis I should have the time) and write the fourth book, which was always planned. I must be honest and tell you that despite my love of these characters and the (to me) interesting inter-relationships, which are a little more complex than boy meets boy, I am not sure at all about a fourth book.

We can only hope that the muse returns.  Yet we all know that it cannot be forced.  So for now we can only join with Alex in his closing reflections:

 I watched him [Matty] walk away, back down the hill, before I turned for home. I had Jake to deal with, and I had no idea where things were going with Ryan. There were lots of loose ends, like who took those photos of Edmund? Still, that didn't seem so important, although I wondered about it. There was still a lingering sense of doubt. 


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