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Backstreet Boys Creator Embroiled in Scandal

The Pecman

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I was shocked -- shocked, do you hear -- to read in this month's issue of Vanity Fair that Lou Pearlman, the creator of the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and many other 1990s pop/boy bands was not only gay, he apparently seduced at least one member of each group as the price for their fame & fortune.

Perlman also managed to embezzle and swindle clients and various companies out of more than $500 million over a 20-year period, which is the major part of the story.

The whole sordid tale is here:


One interviewee confessed to the Vanity Fair journalist that Perlman "was more into the boys than he was the music," and saw his business more as an opportunity to meet young men, rather than to be in the music business.

This could make an exceptional book, if not a TV movie. It's amazing Pearlman got away with it as long as he did.

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Why is anyone surprised?

"The casting couch" has been a fixture in Hollywood for decades.

So have starry-eyed wanna-bes of both sexes who would sell their soul for a ticket to ride.

I did find it somewhat ironic that before boy-bands, Pearlman was into blimps.

I suspect that if it were not for the criminal behavior- conning and ripping people off- that Pearlman's machine would still be chugging out mediocre boy-bands with hott butts.

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And to think how I 'chuckled' when I added THIS SONG to the AwesomeDude Radio playlist! :wink:

That is SO funny! I just copied it to my MP3 player. And to Doug's, which will be funny because he's asleep and he'll find it when he turns it on tomorrow. :wav:

I love the last line. :w00t:

Colin :wav:

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