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Judge In Hot Water Over Gay Joke


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I had to read this one on this morning's news.....

(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) -- Victims rights advocates are calling for public officials to undergo more sensitivity training after a Broward County judge found himself in hot water over a joke he made in open court.

The incident happened last week in Circuit Judge Jeffrey Levenson's courtroom when a 40-year-old man was on trial for charges related to having consensual sex with a 16-year-old boy.

According to court transcripts, Levenson's remark came after the prosecutor was asked what position the alleged victim played in football. She responded, "Linebacker."

That prompted a veteran public defender to joke, "Tight end," to which Judge Levenson then chimed in with, "Wide receiver?"

When the prosecutor took exception to the joke, Levenson immediately apologized and said the remark was "politically incorrect."

Advocates worry such behavior could have a "chilling effect" because some victims might be afraid to come forward with their stories of abuse.

They say the remarks prove more sensitivity training is needed for public officials. Levenson has not been disciplined for the joke.

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Am I thick here, or do I just not get the insult/joke. Tight end I get, but wide receiver?

Wikipedia can be your friend:


Note that I know next to nothing about football, but had to learn about it in order to write about a high school quarterback in Jagged Angel. In the 1970s, I occasionally worked as a TV camera operator on dozens of network football games, and had no idea what the hell was going on -- but luckily, nobody caught on. :wav:

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Wow! I'm jealous, 3 legs. A real tripod. :wav:

That's Ted "the Stork" Hendrix former great of the Oakland Raiders during their glory days.

Other LBs:

Jack Lambert of the Pittsburg Steelers during their glory days in the 70s.

Derrick Brooks- star LB for Tmpa Bay. The only active player listed. Will knock you out and help you up.

Mike Singletary- Hall of Fame linebacker for the Bears superbowl team.

I meant to use Lawrence Taylor but his pic is too big. Best LB in history bar none. Could shut down offense all by himself. He is the one and only original LT.

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Not that I'd know, mind you. Not that I'd know.

Oh, I'm so innocent and pure it went right over my head :wav:

I just felt the judge could have said something more derrogatory than that. Granted, he should have kept his remark more judicial, but...Well anyway, I didn't find it that noteworthy to end up in a newspaper. Nor did I find it a funny comeback. Maybe I should write him some material. Let's face it sports in general leave all sort of innuendo or the double entendre possible.

--Steven Keiths

Love has no words to spell or lines to start and stop.

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OK, OK....

Seems all of you have missed the point.. it was a hilarious response for the public defender and judge obviously watched the second episode of the ShowTime 5 season smash series... Queer As Folk. Young seventeen year old Justin has just had his first sexual experience with 29 year old Brian... the darling of the club scene in Pittsburgh. Justin and his girlfriend are discussing the amazing night of sex he'd just experienced as they watch the high school football team run drills .... she asked 'How was it..?' He framed his response in football terms... with the most delighted look on his face by saing... 'well I started out as a tight end.. but finished as a wide receiver.'


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Sorry, I didn't know the QAF scene.

I'm of two minds about it. Was it a bit much for an impartial judge and another advocate? Yeah, probably. Might it offend some people? Could be. On the other hand, well, in a bad situation, sometimes all we have is humor, to get through it. People have to be able to make and take a joke. ...Yes, that can be hard. Yes, it depends largely on if they're laughing at or laughing with a person.

Eh... "people" are a very strange animal indeed.

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