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Adelaide Feast Festival 2007

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Adelaide. capital city of South Australia is preparing for its annual GLTBIQ Arts festival called Feast

This years theme is LOVE

To quote from the official program:

?Love is a banquet on which we feed? (Patti Smith) and there is certainly plenty to feed on in this Feast. With a record number of events and over 500 artists taking part this year, Feast is well on the way to becoming Australia?s largest Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer arts and cultural festival.

Well okay, Sydney has got its annual Mardi Gras where over a million ppl line the streets to cheer the gay parade, next March 1st, but Gay ol' Adelaide has this full-on Festival. (Still, everynight is full-on in Sydney.) :lol:

No I don't expect you to all stop living and jump on a plane and come to Adelaide, but I think it is important that the world knows that Australia has a Gay (GLTBIQ) Arts Festival to celebrate our community and culture.

I had thought of doing a show for the Festival for young gay guys, in which I would seat them all cabaret style and then proceed to sneak around the room so they could feel old age creep up on them. :wav:

However, I thought the organisers would not think I had the right attitude for the theme of Love.

Be that as it may, I thought you all might like to see the Festival's home page.

Your local tourism agent may have the full color glossy program book.

Just so I am not accused of playing favourites here is the link to Sydney's Mardi Gras site.

If anyone does manage to get here then, Gaystralia welcomes you! :lol:


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