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Author, Poet & Friend Codey in hospital!


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Friends... I have some bad news.

Our friend Codey was taken to the hospital at 2 AM CDT on Friday, October 26th... where he is now in the critical care unit. His partner Tim is very concerned about him as we all are here at AwesomeDude.

He is a very talented seventeen year old, writer and poet, a young person with whom I feel very, very close.

In the past, Codey has not wanted us to publicly discuss his health but I can say it has been deteriorating over the past few years... and at an accelerated rate over the past few months. In the spring, Codey told me he didn't expect to last the summer but when I spoke to him last weekend.. he seemed in good spirits... always joking. He has been - as a precaution... finishing up some of his writing projects.

Tim tells me that Codey took a dramatic turn on Monday and hasn't recognized Tim or his family members since then.

I don't know what to say other than I am sure that your good wishes and prayers would be most welcome at this time. Tim is a year younger than Codey and is an amazingly brave young man... don't forget him in your wishes and prayers as well.

Tim has promised to stay in touch and we'll be bringing you what news we get as soon as possible. Also keep a watch over at Codey's site... CodeysWorld.Com for news.

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That's very sad. I lost a very close friend last month to cancer (she was only 50), and was still reeling from that when a co-worker of mine died in a traffic accident yesterday. This has been a tough year.

If Tim can give us an email address, I'd be glad to drop him a personal note. Hopefully, Codey will be in good enough shape that he can at least see the messages in the hospital.

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Hi Folks,

Tim or I will be keeping you updated, when he can let us know.

They can be reached at Codey's World (see the link in my sig, below).

I'm the webmaster there; Colin is of great help in editing and web duites.

Codey and Tim are the ultimate decision makers. When they're busy, like now, I handle things in their stead, and we go over things as they can get to them.

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We'll have news in Codey's World - Forum - Announcements as it becomes available.

Codey is still in critical condition, and his kidneys are starting to fail. If they do, his family will be bringing him home, to honor his wishes.

Please keep Codey and Tim and their family in your thoughts.

This is hard for me too, and for many of you.

Laugh, amid the tears,

And remember all that's good.

Sorrows ease, across the years,

Though at times, the tears may flood.

Oh loved one, calm your future's fears,

For love of others, still awaits us.

While now, we doubt, one day we'll see,

Love shining forth together, true as can be.

~ Ben W.

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Tim reports that they have given Codey medication to attempt to shock his kidneys back into functioning. They will give him 24 to 48 hours to see if it works. If not, they'll bring Codey home. If it works, we will have to wait and see how much he recovers.

This is risky and may not work. That they can chance it at all is better news.

Codey is conscious, but not aware and in control. They've given him a sedative, rather than restrain him. A person can be aware of restraints, even in delirium, and his Gramps will not abide them. (Because I know Codey, I think that's a good call.)

Folks, there is some chance Codey's kidneys may restart, but they might not. If they do, then he will have a lot to go, to get back to full awareness and function.

Therefore, Codey needs our thoughts and prayers. If there's a chance for this to work, let it be so.

Tim is having a hard time with this. Guys and girls, I have been in almost this situation with family members, from other illnesses. So I know all too well what Tim and the family and Codey are going through. I can't say it in words.

Please don't give up yet.

Codey, Tim, and family, I love you. We love you.

~ Ben W.

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This is what I posted at Codey's World:

I know about kidney failure, and I pray that they can get Codey's kidneys restarted. If they can't, I'd guess that he isn't well enough to have dialysis. That's very, very bad, and I'm very, very sad.

Doug, Chris, and Steve, and I are going to pray for Codey tonight.

There's a student in our dorm whose folks came from Tibet. He has a prayer wheel and a whole bunch of us in the dorm wrote notes with Codey's name on them. Rai took it outside our dorm and when he set it up the wind came up and it started spinning.

A girl in our dorm is a Zen Buddhist, and she said we should all light candles for Codey and we found a box of emergency candles in the dorm storeroom, lit them, and put them outside near the prayer wheel. Even though it's windy outside, the flames have not blown out.

I posted a prayer request for Codey to the St. Anthony Shrine in Cincinnati.

Colin :cat::cat::cat:

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I said over at CW:

:cat: Colin, for you four, and the guys and girls in the dorm -- that's one of the sweetest, coolest things I've seen in quite a while.

Tell your friends / dorm buddies thank you, and hug them, please.

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Codey's family will be meeting with the doctors later today, to determine how Codey's doing, whether he's strong enough to attempt kidney dialysis, and whether the family believes that's what Codey would want.

Tim will let me know tonight, provided he's not too worn out.

Tim says they are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and messages. I see the ones addressed to the shared webguys email, and those have been pretty incredible. Thanks to all of you.

Keep on hoping.

~ Ben W.

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