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Grampa and Amos

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Three words. Wow, wow, and wow!

I love it, and I second everything Cole said up^^ there.

If AJ would only tell me what happened to Jake, I'll be the most satisfied guy in AD. :)

I'll stop now, before I repeat everything Cole said up^^ there. See, I'm already repeating myself. ;)


One last thing: I hope I emphasize it enough. AJ, please, I beg you, tell me what happened to Jake. :)

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Oh my goodness...I just found this thread all these months later. I'm so sorry i didn't reply at the time. Please believe that I wasn't high-hatting you...just didn't know.

To answer the question on the minds of those who asked - well, that's another story. I have a small beginning made toward writing that story, and eventually...someday...I'll finish it and post it on AD. It will mostly feature Amos and his partner, Dan. I see it as a roadtrip story of sorts...we'll see where it ends up.

Thanks again to all who wrote such kind words!



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