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John, Bill, and Priscilla


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AJ brings us another one of his Story Time. This time, it's about John, Bill, and Priscilla. (Yep, a threesome.) Part one is up at the home page, and it gives background to how John and Bill met. If you don't know who they are, read Story Time: Grampa and Amos. (Sorry if I didn't put a link. They're all at the home page. The link to that is at the upper left of your screen.)

Interesting characters, interesting situation, interesting author.. :D

It's a really great story. I don't have the words to describe it, but if AJ understands Tagalog, then here: Galing, sobra.

After you've read it and made a comment in this thread, PLEASE go to the story thread of Grampa and Amos in this same forum and beg AJ to tell us what happened to Jake. PLEASE :icon_tongue:


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