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Life From A Distance: Ben

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Wow, that was a heartbreaker. I meant to just read one or two chapters and save the rest for later, but I couldn't stop. Jeez...now I'm going to fall asleep in class tomorrow. Note to self: Don't start long stories on school nights.

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Elecivil -- I know exactly what you mean. I love to read, but I'm now hesitant to start reading new stories because I know I probably won't stop until I'm finished, and while I'm reading, I'm not writing.... :roll:

Passive -- There is definitely more to come. I don't know what Dewey's schedule will be for posting, as he's also working on the lastest section of his Brian and Pete saga, but just be patient.


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I finally finished reading the whole story....... I don't have words to express what I feel. Such an amazing story..... powerful.....loving and sad all in one. I can't believe how much such a relatively short story has made me feel..... so good Dewey!!! I would love to read more on this one.... maybe a second story to come? edit** I didn't know it continued at deweywrite ** Great characters!! Thank you for sharing this one with us..... and I look forward to reading more with Brian & Pete as well. You are a very talented writer and I thank you again for letting me experience it.

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