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Progress Bytes

by Camy

Bleak black bastard of a crappy day

The bank phones many times

Hip hip hooray you've answered the phone

"you're overdrawn you worthless swine".

"Are you calling from the local branch?"

"No, the branches are all closed down.

We're calling from Mumbai in India.

Where it's cheaper, you stupid clown!"

Computers make the world go around

Your skills are now worthless to us

Redundancy is the brand new black

You're FIRED! Don't make a fuss.

So we'll wander the streets laptops in bags

What's in store for humanities future?

Luddites we'll be: come one and come all

For computers are not nature or nurture

Societal change brings inevitable pain

It lurches and leaps - prods us forwards

Silicon chips are ringing the death knell

for those who never thought they were backwards

Whilst the state is cowed by conglomerate power

And Politicians are run by their backers

We have no real say no matter our thoughts

As the ones with real power are hackers

So the shop on the corner is gone for good

As supermarkets are so much cheaper

And the world that I live in my grandpa wouldn't know

And he'd say: "dig my grave a lot deeper."


Written on 4th December 2007

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